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Jim Tressel Resigns

Ohio State football coach Jim Tressel resigned yesterday as allegations of NCAA violations continue to surround the program.  Assistant Luke Fickell will coach the team for the 2011 season while the Buckeyes search for Tressel’s successor.  Jim Tressel’s teams were 106-22.  He won 7 Big Ten championships and a National Title during his 10 years as coach.  He also had a 9-1 record against hated rival Michigan.

There’s no disputing Tressel was an incredible coach as he continually had Ohio State in the BCS picture.  However, with all the buzz about discounted tattoos and the selling of championship rings it is certainly the right move to step down.  Tressel was already facing a 5 game suspension to begin the season for denying knowledge of these problems.  It’s only a matter of time until further sanctions are handed down against the program.

It doesn’t bother me at all that the Buckeyes players are receiving “improper benefits”.  Let’s face it, this happens at every school where big time athletics are played.  The players are bringing millions of dollars of revenue into the school and I only think it fair that they are compensated to some extent.  I truly believe that in the near future NCAA athletes will receive some sort of stipend for their services, outside of their academic scholarships.

Unfortunately for Coach Tressel his former players keep speaking out and the NCAA, media is looking hard for further violations.  The only course of action for Ohio State was to force Tressel to resign and minimize the damage.





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U.S.A. Hockey Eliminated

The United States were eliminated from the 2011 World Championships today losing 4-0 to the Czech Republic in the quarterfinals.  Jaromir Jagr led the Czechs with a hat trick and Tomas Plekanec also scored.  Goalie Ondrej Pavelec of the Atlanta Thrashers saved 29 shots for the shutout.

This U.S.A. squad bore little resemblance to the silver medal winning Olympic team as only two players from that team, Jack Johnson and Mike Komisarek, appeared.  Instead this tournament was used as an opportunity for the younger American players to gain international experience.  The U.S. team averaged only 24.4 years of age.  Chris Kreider(Boston College), Blake Wheeler(Atlanta Thrashers), Nick Palmieri(NJ Devils), Derek Stepan(NY Rangers) and Kevin Shattenkirk( St. Louis Blues) were some of the players who excelled in this tournament.  Despite the disappointing result, the future certainly looks bright for U.S.A. Hockey.  We can expect to see some of these players mixed in with the more established American stars in future international competitions. 


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Department of Justice investigating NCAA playoffs?

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Justice Department wants to know why the NCAA doesn’t have a college football playoff system and says there are “serious questions” about whether the current format to determine a national champion complies with antitrust laws.

Critics who have urged the department to investigate the Bowl Championship Series contend it unfairly gives some schools preferential access to the title championship game and top-tier end-of-the-season bowl contents.

In a letter this week, the department’s antitrust chief, Christine Varney, asked NCAA President Mark Emmert why a playoff system isn’t used in football, unlike in other sports; what steps the NCAA has taken to create one; and whether Emmert thinks there are aspects of the BCS system that don’t serve the interest of fans, schools and players.

Not real sure what to make of this one.  Don’t get me wrong, I hate the so-called NCAA playoff system as much as anyone who gives a rats ass about college football, but I’m sure it’s the governments place.  I hope it works, because we all know what a bunch of frauds on running the show at the NCAA, but they are really screwing the football fan.  I’m yet to hear a solid argument about why they can’t implement other they claim there is to much money on the line to lose.  We aren’t asking for much just gives us a small playoff run to complement the greatest regular season in any sport.  Most college fans would love to see an 8 team playoff or even give us 4 teams.  We’d be ecstatic, just to stop having the same argument every year about whether the top two teams are even playing for the national championship.

Bottom line, let’s hope the DOJ can throw their weight around and get the NCAA to find their balls.  College football interest would go through the roof.  Down with the BCS!

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Big East Proves To Be Big Dog In College Hoops

I am getting sick and tired of people saying this was the worst national championship game of all time.  UCONN completely dominated the Cinderella Butler Bulldogs. I guess I am not that surprised. Sure Butler played like trash, but A big reason why is because UCONN’s interior D was outstanding. UCONN’s length and athleticism gave Butler fits all night. BUTLER HAD 2 POINTS IN THE PAINT FOR THE ENTIRE GAME. It was a typical dominating performance from a Big East team.

Credit UCONNS big men for completely dominating the painted area. Mid-way through the second half, every time a Butler player drove into the lane, they were scared for their lives. They were getting their shit thrown every time they entered the paint. It completely turned them into a jump shooting team. They took so many terrible contested deep three’s. Matt Howard was also turned into a non-factor. Heck of a job by UCONN on D.

Congrats to the UCONN Huskies. You played in the best conference, going against the toughest competition in the country and it showed come tourney time. Enjoy your parade through shitty Hartford, CT.

– Elias


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Butler…The New Gonzaga

Look at you Butler Bulldogs. You just made your second National Championship game in two years. That is extremely impressive. You have a 34 year old coach, your best player is an awkward looking white dude, and you come from French Lick Indianapolis, Indiana’s, Butler-Tarkington neighborhood.  They are the new Cinderella men in College Hoops, replacing everyone’s favorite bracket busters, the Gonzaga Bulldogs.

I am pulling for Butler to take down UCONN tonight. I love the Big East, but I want to see a mid-major win it all. Players aren’t leaving mid-majors early to go to the pro’s. They have teams laden with seniors and juniors. Give me that experience over some 18-19 year old punk that thinks he is better than he is(unless his name is Carmello Anthony or Kevin Durant).

I can’t wait to watch the Shelvin Mack vs. Kemba Walker match-up. They are going to go at it tonight. Matt Howard may be the Bulldogs leader, but Mack is their top scorer, and will be the one chasing Kemba “Mr. Big Nuts” Walker around.  Whoever wins that battle, will probably win the National Championship. No Pressure there.

Tonight’s game pits 34 year old Brad Stevens vs. all-time great Jim Calhoun. Calhoun obviously gets the nod here, but it is tough to discount what Stevens has done with Butler. One coach is playing for the respect of every mid-major out there. The other is playing for his third NCAA Title and Immortality in the college game. There is a lot at stake for both of these fine coaches tonight.

I think UCONN is going to win it tonight. Kemba is just to unflappable to be stopped. Final Score: 66 – 63. Another classic title game…Get a clue NCAA Football!

– Elias

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