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Bob Kraft Graces Sports Illustrated Cover

Bob Kraft is the man. He singlehandedly saved the NFL season and saved the Patriots from moving to St. Louis or Connecticut, which in turn saved me from killing myself on those two occasions. He also had the fore-site to hire Bill Belichick and let him hand the reigns over to Brady for the full season when franchise QB Drew Bledsoe got hurt. His mug graced the recent cover of sports illustrated. There really isn’t any person more deserving than Kraft to be on the Superbowl Cover of SI. I hope the Pats can win this one for him and his late wife Myra, whom they dedicated the 2011-2012 season. When you crack your first beers tonight(or this afternoon in some folks case), Make sure to toast the Kraft family for being the best ownership group in Boston history, and just genuine, good people.


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Gronk Ditches The Walking Boot

Gronk showed up to media day today without the walking boot that he has been wearing since the AFC Title game. This is great news for Patriot fans. We need Gronk to be at leaast 85% for the game. Once adrenaline and the pain killers kick in, he should be ready to dominate on Sunday. I hope he shoves his size 16 shoe right up Antrel Rolle’s Ass on Sunday. That dude has been doing a lot of talking, and Gronk is just the guy to shut him up. Right now Gronk is considered day to day, but I don’t have any doubt that he will play and be the beast we have come to expect. Only 5 more days until Superbowl Sunday!!!

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SB Positional Breakdown – Running Back

In this edition of the Superbowl positional breakdown, I am going to take a look at both teams running games. Both teams have QB’s that can air it out, but it is the running game for both teams that keeps opposing defenses off balance. Let’s take a look at what where are working with here.

Patriots – The Patriots running attack was ranked 20th this season, averaging  a respectable 110 yards per game. The running attack is lead by ‘The Law Firm’ Ben Jarvis Green Ellis, who is a tough as nails down hill runner. The undrafted free agent hasn’t fumbled in over 550 carries. That is amazing, and a major reason Coach Bill trusts the law firm as his lead back. Belichick HATES when his running backs fumble. Steven Ridley fumbled twice at the end of the season, and was subsequently benched for the AFC Championship game. After the Law Firm, Danny Woodhead is the Pats third down back. Although diminutive in size, Woodhead gets the job done. He is great at quickly finding the hole and squeezing through the smallest of creases. This is a very solid 1-2 punch. I’d like to see Tommy use these guys in the passing game more like they did with Kevin Faulk. They haven’t used the RB out of the backfield much this year. It could be a good wrinkle to keep the Giants off balanced.

Ben Jarvis Green Ellis (181 attempts – 667 yards – 3.7 YPA – 11 TD)

Danny Woodhead (77 attempts – 351 yards – 4.6 YPA – 1 TD

The Patriots are really going to need to run the ball effectively to neutralize the Giants top notch pass rush. Hopefully Sebastian Volmer’s presence will help that cause.

Giants – The Giants have a dangerous 1-2 punch of Ahmad Bradshaw and Brandon Jacobs. Neither guy had an overly impressive regular season, as the Giants rushing attack was dead last in the league this year, averaging a mere 89.2 yards per game. Bradshaw is a mix of speed, agility, and some power. He is the perfect compliment to Brandon Jacobs punishing style of run. I like the match-up against Jacobs, as the Pats front is great against bigger contact type running backs. Bradshaw could be the one that really gives us trouble. His ability to get to the edges, could expose the Patriots outside linebackers. Bradshaw didn’t play in the regular season match-up against the Patriots. I really wish our D could have seen his running style up close and personal. Look for Bradshaw to have a solid superbowl.

Ahmad Bradshaw (171 attempts – 659 yards – 3.9 YPA – 9 TD)

Brandon Jacobs (152 attempts – 571 yards – 3.8 YPA – 7 TD)

Advantage – I’m going to give the Giants a slight edge in this department because of how well both running backs have performed in the post season. They have combined for 330 yards in three playoff games. However, the Patriots backs are more important in this game. If they can run the ball in between the tackles effectively, they will help neutralize the Giants aggressive pass rush, and hopefully set up the play action pass.

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SB XLVI Position Break Down – Quarterbacks

In the two weeks leading up to the Superbowl, I am going to do a position by position breakdown of the Patriots and Giants rosters. We will start with the Quarterbacks, and go from there.

Patriots – Tom Brady. I really don’t need to add much to this. Tom Brady had another MVP caliber season. I will say, he had his struggles against the better defenses in the league. He struggled against the Cowboys, Steelers, Ravens and the same Giants D they will see in the playoffs. Brady threw for 342 yards and 2 td’s in the first meeting, but also had 2 int’s, was just 28/49, lost a fumble, was sacked twice and was hit 3 times. Brady lead the Patriots on a go ahead drive in the 4th quarter, but left to much time on the clock for Eli Manning, who threw a TD pass to Jake Ballard with 15 seconds left on the clock to ice the game for the Giants.

Brady had a tough game against the Ravens, but had some good throws in there, and scored a rushing touchdown. I think he is going to bounce back and have a very good game against the Giants. Tommy is on a revenge tour,and it ends with a Superbowl Title.

Season Stats – 401/611 – 65.6% completion % – 5,235 passing yards – 39 TD – 12 int’s – sacked 32 times Continue reading

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Fielder/Pujols/Gonzalez Change The AL Outlook

Three of the premier first basemen in baseball have all switched from the NL to the AL over the past year. Prince Fielder to the Tigers just yesterday, Albert Pujols to the Angels about a month ago, and Adrian Gonzalez from the Padres to the Red Sox in a trade last off season. This has created quite the power position at first base in the AL. Let’s take a look at what we are working with here.

1. Pujols – Angels

2. Gonzalez – Red Sox

3. Miguel Cabrera – Detroit

4. Prince Fielder – Detroits

5. Mark Texeira – NYY

Other Notables: Eric Hosmer(KC), Paul Konerko(CWS), Adam Lind(TOR), Justin Morneau(MIN), Joe Mauer(MIN).

Lets compare that to what the National League has to offer.

1. Joey Votto – Cincinati

2. Ryan Howard – Philadelphia

3. Freddie Freeman(Yikes, that is a big drop off from Miggy Cabrera)

4. Michael Morse – Washington

5. Ike Davis – Mets

Other Notables: Lancey Pants Berkman(STL), Gaby Sanchez(MIA), James Loney(LAD)

The American leagues notables give the NL’s top 5 a run for their money. This year I predict that Pujols, Gonzalez, and Fielder make the all-star team as 1b eligible. Cabrera will make the team as a 3rd baseman, as he will be making the move to the hot corner to make room for Fielder. It will be a lot of fun to watch all of the top AL 1st basemen dominate this upcoming season. Pitchers and catchers are due to camp February 19th!

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