AFC Championship Flyover


For most of the season we’ve all seen the banners and signs of MHK and anyone that has moderately followed the Pats this season is aware of the impact owner Robert Kraft’s late wife Myra has had on the team.  The banner and signs honoring her were taken to another level before last Sunday’s AFC championship battle by displaying her initials on the wing  along with a “Go Pats” logo on the underbelly of the aircraft that performed a flyover at Gillette as the Star Spangled Banner was wrapping up.

Most of us watching it on tv probably missed it, blinded by Steven Tyler’s diamond studded Pats scarf.  Go Pats!




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3 responses to “AFC Championship Flyover

  1. Steven Tyler needs to retire from singing. That performance was atrocious.

  2. Anonymous

    The best was when they showed Gronkowski looking up at the plane. I can just picture him being like, “Whooooooooah… cool! That plane says Pats on it!”

  3. cheesemanfu

    If the Pats win on Sunday BB should bring him to an airshow. He’ll be pumped.

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