New England Patriots – Denver Broncos….Tebow Time or is This Tommy’s World?

With so much hype revolving around Tim Tebow and the Broncos coming into Foxboro tonight, you are either to the point of disgust or fully engrossed.  I personally am fully engrossed.  It is pretty hard not to marvel at what has gone on in Denver over the past couple of months.  Sure, there are plenty of things you can point to discounting the validity of what Tebow has accomplished, but isn’t that what sports are all about?  There is one thing over this past week that has gotten over looked to some degree this week however….that guy on the other side of the ball named Tom Brady, remember him?

Tom Brady revels in these types of moments.  He loves being the underdog, he thrives on it. Now, saying the Pats are the underdog is certainly an overstatement (they are 13.5 point favorites).  But no-one is going around, in the words of one of the biggest sports-vaginas today Roberto Lungo, “pumping Brady’s tires” and that is totally cool with me.  I would rather have Tom Brady feeling a little dismissed, disregarded, or however you want to put it, that’s what he lives for and its been a while since it has been the case.  I would argue that it might be the case to some degree tonight and I love it.

Any talk regarding the Patriots tonight has either been trashing their defense or stating how there is no way they can lose this game.  What really pisses me off is that all of the pundits have pretty much painted this as a lose-lose for the Pats.  if they win, ahh they were supposed to, Denver sucks.  If they lose, oh my god the Pats have lost their last four playoff games (one of which was a Super Bowl mind you) Brady and Belichick are no longer great.  You know what i say to those people…blow me.

Should the Patriots beat the Denver Broncos today?  Hell yeah!  But does really discount all of the accomplishments that Belichick and Brady have compiled?  Hell no!  So let’s take it for what it is.  The Pat’s got a bye to the divisional playoffs and 13.5 point favorites.  Now that I have got this off my chest I will  be able to enjoy the game more.  I was starting to feel like it didn’t matter the way everyone was talking the Patriots had no way to “win” today.

All of that being said, I will definitely be a little pissed and disappointed if the Pats lose tonight, but it will not take away from all of the great times we have had in the past watching them  As a matter of fact, I think either way I am going to pop in “3 Games to Glory” or “21” tomorrow morning.



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One response to “New England Patriots – Denver Broncos….Tebow Time or is This Tommy’s World?

  1. Sean Breslin

    Don’t fret — there’s no way the Patriots lose this game.

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