Finger Wagging = 10 min. Misconduct

According to Pierre LeBrun at ESPN, NHL VP of Hockey Operations Mike Murphy told him any player caught “finger wagging” in a scrum will receive a 2 minute unsportsmanlike conduct penalty.  In addition, the player will receive a 10 minute misconduct penalty.

Ummm…..what?  You’re really planning to hand out 10 minute misconducts for wagging a finger?  Can’t say I’ve ever seen that at a hockey game.

On top of that, Mike Murphy had these comments today:

“We made the right decision on Alex Burrows. I spoke with Alex. But I’m not here to speak about that. I’ve dealt with that. We’ve moved on past that. We will deal with the issues of the series, the chippyness that’s going on.

“We’ve addressed it with the teams as early as this morning. I will be speaking with both general managers and coaches before the day’s over about the crap that we are seeing, the garbage that is going on, some of the issues.”

Mike, do you really think you made the right decision on Alex Burrows? The dude chomped on Bergeron’s finger.  If that’s not a 1 game suspension, I don’t know what is.

Even after not having the balls to suspend Burrows (surely to upset his fellow Canadians), he [Murphy] is mute after Game 2 when Lapierre taunts Bergeron with the first finger wagging incident.  Also during the Game 2 pre-game on NBC, Henrick Sedin jokingly introduced his twin brother and “vegetarian” line mate Alex Burrows.  That’s classy….might as well start the taunting on the pre-game show.

If he had any common sense Murphy would have started the warnings after Game 2.  He screwed up the Burrows decision citing inconclusive video evidence and the series was heading down an ugly path.

Look where we are now: Horton’s in the hospital, Rome has been suspended.   And now you want to “deal with the chippyness that’s going on”?  Sometimes it’s obvious when the referees lose control of a game, but I don’t think that’s the case here. Mike Murphy has lost control of this series.




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2 responses to “Finger Wagging = 10 min. Misconduct

  1. Size

    Good article mersy. I agree, he blew the burrows decision and everything spiraled out of control. I do like the mandate on the finger wagging though. It had become way too much and was a blemish on an otherwise great hockey series.

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